Newly Registering Patients

We are happy to register new patients who live in our area. The St Paul’s practice boundary is Luton Road to the north, White Carr Lane to the east and Talbot Road/Poulton Road to the south.

If you live slightly outside the practice area and wish to register (or to remain registered if you have moved), please ask, as from time to time we are able to accept patients at some addresses outside the practice area.

To register, simply bring us your medical card, or ask at Reception for a registration form. We will need to see proof of your name and address if these are different from the details on your medical card. It is helpful if you can bring your passport or photo driving licence, along with a utility bill, rent book or bank statement showing your current address.

When you first register at St. Paul’s Medical Centre, you will be given a New Patient Questionnaire. You can download the questionnaire by following the link for St Paul’s Medical Centre – Adult registration form St Paul’s Medical Centre – Childrens registration form.

It is very important that you complete and return this to us as soon as possible, so that important information about your health is available to your doctor. It can take several weeks for your medical records to arrive from your previous practice. You will also be asked to use our Health Monitor, which automatically measures your height, weight and blood pressure.

If you are pregnant, please contact the local midwifery service on 953896, and please remember to register your baby with us as soon as possible after his or her birth.

Temporary Patients

UK residents staying in our practice area for only a short time can register with us on a temporary basis, and be seen in the same way as other patients.

Visitors from overseas can also be seen at the Medical Centre. Please note, however, that free treatment on the NHS is not always available for overseas residents except in an emergency. Please check with the practice before arranging an appointment and treatment, as if you are not eligible for NHS treatment, there will be a charge for these. A receipt will be issued, as the visitor may wish to claim the cost back on their travel insurance.

Changes of Name or Address

Please help us to keep our records up to date by informing us as soon as possible if you change your name, address or telephone number.

Forms are available from Reception or can be downloaded here . If you have a patient access account click here to complete online.

We will need proof of your new name and/or address, for example marriage certificate or deed poll for name change, utility bill, rent book or bank statement for address. Please check that your new address falls within our practice area, which is bordered by Luton Road to the north, White Carr Lane to the east and Talbot Road/Poulton Road to the south.

If you have moved outside this area, please register with a GP practice that covers your new address. We can make some exceptions, for example when patients have moved only slightly outside the area and have ongoing treatment. If you have moved outside the area but still wish to be registered with us, please complete the Change of Address form in the usual way, including details of any special circumstances or ongoing treatment that apply. Your application will be given full consideration and we will notify you of the decision at the earliest possible opportunity.

Changing to Another Doctor

If you wish to register at another practice, for example because you have moved out of our practice area, you will need to apply to them using your medical card or an application form available from the practice. Your medical records will be forwarded to your new doctor as soon as possible. Details of local GPs are usually available in the telephone directory, local library, or from the local CCG.

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