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We endeavour to provide the best possible service to all our patients and to always treat you with courtesy and respect. In return we ask that you treat our services and staff with equal courtesy and respect. We have adopted the NHS Zero Tolerance Policy, which means that we will not accept verbal or physical abuse towards any member of the practice team.

We are also keen to improve our services and welcome your views, both good and bad! Comments and suggestions can be made in writing to the practice manager. You may occasionally be asked to complete a patient survey questionnaire. These are used to help us improve our services, and your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Recent suggestions/comments
You suggested Our response
Please can you allow University students to remain registered with the surgery whilst away at University University students can remain registered with their own doctor whilst they are away. If they need to be seen whilst at Uni they can register as a temporary resident with a local surgery. Unfortunately no patient can be permanently registered at the same time with two surgeries. Feb 16
Please can you add the time you re-open to the recorded message when you are closed for staff training Yes certainly, we have just updated our recorded message script and our opening times are included. July 15
Please can we have a clock in the waiting area We have now had a clock fitted in the waiting area. Thank you for suggesting it. Aug 14
A board showing photos of the doctors and nurses Our doctors and nurses are happy to oblige. We will be arranging for their photos to be taken and a display to be put up very soon
Please could more services be available instantly. Most people struggle getting here can’t keep coming back for different appointments We are shortly beginning a review of our appointments system and one of the recommendations is for patients to attend only once for all reviews to be done at the same time, where possible
Please turn down the tannoy it gives people a shock it’s so loud Our Practice Manager is currently investigating this and will make the necessary adjustments
Please can we have a water dispenser in the waiting area We are going to discuss this at our next partners meeting, if the partners are in agreement we will get this installed as soon as possible


We would like to congratulate you on running such a good surgery, we always come out fully satisfied with the attention we have been given. Well done.  
I am so impressed with my dads doctor they have gone above and beyond to care for my dad. My dad is 83 and agrees they are fantastic. Also a quick comment on your receptionists, they are always extremely welcoming friendly and very helpful. Thanks so much to all.


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If you feel our services have failed to meet your needs, please let us know. Informal concerns can be raised with the practice administrator. Formal complaints should be put in writing and addressed to the practice manager. Your complaint will be dealt with promptly, sensitively and confidentially, using our approved Practice Based Complaints Procedure.

The CCG provides a Patient Advisory and Liaison Service (PALS). The PALS officer Ruth Hazelhurst, is available to find the answers to questions you have about locally provided healthcare services. This could include advising you of where services are available or helping you to raise a concern or complaint. Contact: 01253 655 588.

Or alternatively fill out and submit the form below

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