Flu Clinics

  • These are available from late September to late December for the annual flu vaccination programme. Adult & children’s flu vaccinations are given by the practice nurses.

Travel Clinic

  • Offering travel vaccinations and health advice by our practice pharmacist or lead nurse.
    Click here for more information on our travel clinic.

Non-NHS Patient Services

Although some travel vaccinations are available on the NHS, many are not. Patients travelling abroad are advised to complete a travel form (available from Reception), so that the nurse can advise you of any NHS or non-NHS vaccinations you might need. Both types of vaccination are available through the travel clinic, although there will be a charge for non-NHS vaccinations.

Occupational health services, such as Hepatitis B vaccination should be available from your employer’s occupational health service. We can provide these services, but there will be a charge. Please obtain authorisation from your employers before booking these services if you wish us to invoice them.

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