Patient Facilities

We aim to provide a clean and welcoming Medical Centre. A range of information leaflets are available in the display racks. Keep an eye on our notice boards for details of health-related topics and events.

We ask as a courtesy to other patients that you please turn off mobile ‘phones when entering the Medical Centre.

The baby changing unit is located in the female patients’ WC off the waiting room. Please ask the receptionist if you need a private area to breastfeed your baby.

Both the male and female toilets, located off the waiting room, are suitable for disabled patients.

We have only a very limited number of parking spaces, which are restricted for use by staff and the short-term use of the disabled and those whose illness prevents them from walking far. Please park responsibly allowing access for ambulances and for the doctors to leave quickly to attend emergencies, and remember that vehicles are parked at your own risk.


Carers are people of all ages looking after relatives or friends who, because of disability, illness or old age, cannot manage at home without help.

We are aware that the life of a carer is restricted by the need to take responsibility for the person they care for.

We recognise that this can place a great deal of pressure on carers and that they may need support.

There are several organisations that provide support for carers, and our own community staff can help too.

Please let us know if you are the main carer for a relative or friend and we will be happy to put you in touch with support groups if you wish.