Soluble medications survey – please let NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group have your view

Soluble medications survey

NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group is continuing to review the medications it allows on prescription to ensure the most appropriate treatments are offered and those of low clinical benefit are not.

We are now looking at the benefits of soluble medications with a review to stopping the prescribing of these unless there is a clinical need (for example if you have a condition that makes swallowing regular tablets difficult).

Many people prefer soluble medications such as painkillers or remedies for colds however soluble medications often contain as much as one sixth of the recommended daily amount of salt per tablet. When you consider many medications are required to be taken two at a time up to four times a day this exceeds the daily salt intake that is healthy for an adult.

Plus soluble tablets are often as much as three times more expensive for the NHS to prescribe than the non-soluble equivalent.

We would appreciate you completing a very short survey to help us ascertain the impact of stopping prescribing of soluble medications.

You can take the survey online by clicking here.

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