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Advocacy services available in Blackpool


There are currently 2 advocacy services in Blackpool to help people for whatever reason find it difficult to present their needs or opinions in healthcare settings.

Advocacy Focus – helps people who have a legal right to an advocate because they are subject to a section under the Mental Health Act (not all sections are covered) or those who have a leagal right under the Mental Capacity Act, including people under DOLS, who need serious medical treatment or those who lack capacity that need support for other health issues (not serious operations etc)

For further information please visit the website www.advocacyfocus.org.uk or telephone 0300 323 0965.

Empowerment – assist people who have mental health problems but who do not have a legal right to an advocate, people who feel they need help to express themselves in a healthcare setting or people who want help to make a complaint about a healthcare service including hospitals, GP practices, dentists etc.

For further information please visit the website www.empowermentcharity.org.uk or telephone 0300 323 2100.