Live Well Dementia Portal

The Live Well Dementia Portal has been developed in 2013 by NHS North of England

—— in response to the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia and the requirement for each of the English SHAs to develop a web-based information resource to meet the need for easily accessible information about dementia. The website was launched on 7th March 2013 and is now being rolled out across the North of England for use by people with dementia, carers and health professionals.

We are keen to upload as much information as possible onto the site. The design of the site also enables existing information to be pulled-through to the site from existing sources on the web however this still needs to be supplemented with up-to-date local contacts to make it as relevant and useful as possible. The site is currently being overseen by the Manchester Academic Health Sciences Centre, but will eventually be incorporated (with the other regional web portals that have been created) into NHS Choices (or its successor).

The Portal is live and can be accessed at:

Page content is currently being added and updated. Please send to or discuss suggestions for updates/new content with:

Linda Gask ([email protected])

Linda is the editor overseeing the site at the present time on behalf of MAHSC. Linda or one of her colleagues will be able to help and give advice on the use of the site and uploading contacts.

Services can easily add their own information (see above at bottom of the home page there is a link marked ‘adding your services’) and we can assist if necessary. This link also enables easy updating of contact information by services. We can also supply a spreadsheet to enable bulk import of information.

Also accessible via the front page is the Life Stories site which is a unique contribution from NHS North. This enables people to upload and share memories in the form of text, pictures or video. We are in the process of refining this and will be seeking feedback from groups and individuals over the summer in collaboration with the Life Story Network. We will be producing a short video on how to get the best from the site, and mobile apps are under currently development.

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