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To order your regular medications online please register for Patient Access below.

Alternatively, please complete your prescription order form (attached to your last prescription) and bring, post or fax it to us (fax line 01253 752818 for St Pauls and 01253 956031 for Ashfield).

We are unable to take prescription orders by telephone, except in emergencies. Your local pharmacist may be willing to order your repeat prescriptions for you.

Please allow 2 working days before coming to collect your prescription, we will be happy to post it to you if you provide a stamped self-addressed envelope. You should receive the prescription within 7 days for first class postage, longer for second class.

If you are taking regular medications, you will be asked periodically to contact your doctor/ pharmacist for a medication review. It is important that your doctor/ pharmacist regularly checks to ensure that your medications are working well. This can often be done by telephone (please book a telephone appointment), and your doctor will advise you if any blood or other tests are necessary.

It is very important that you fully understand how and when to take your medicines. Please ask you doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure about this, or if you have any concerns about possible side effects.

You should check your list of medications on a regular basis and let us know if you have stopped taking any of them so we can reduce NHS waste. Please also let us know if you receive any prescription items that you do not need for example if these have been ordered on your behalf by your pharmacy.

On-line Prescription Ordering

To order prescription online, go to patient access here